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Travelers, business people car essential artifact

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Travelers, business people car essential artifact

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Some user convenience can use some DC DC appliances such as: mobiles phones chargers, laptops and other directly into the cigarette lighter, because the car battery voltage instability will affect the life of electrical appliances, since these appliances designed to use power supply is 220V AC power, that is to say in support of 220V AC power under its working state is the most stable.

    Also, when buying car inverter whether you want to view a variety of protection, so as to ensure the safety of the battery and the external appliance. Also note that the motor inverter waveform, square wave converter can cause unstable power supply may damage the appliance used, it is best to select the right pure sine wave or sine wave inverter latest model of car.

Sine wave inverter

    As a DC car power inverter for use on the move to AC converter, your life will bring a lot of convenience, it is a standing loaded with supplies. Car cigarette lighter output inverter can meet the 20W, 40W, 80W, 120W up to 150W power specifications of the electrical demand. If you use a more powerful appliance, power inverters to be connected to the battery by connecting lines. The appliances connected to the power converter output terminal will be able to use a variety of electrical appliances in the car, as easy as using at home. Can appliance used are: mobiles phoness, laptop computers, digital cameras, cameras, lighting, electric shavers, CD players, game consoles, handheld computers, printers, power tools, car refrigerator and all kinds of travel, camping, medical Aid appliances.

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